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With over a decade of experience in the technology space, I’ve been privileged to work with some of the most incredible teams across the globe. I’ve helped several businesses bring their ideas to life, with website development, structural set up, product management, team training and advisor supports.

A couple of products, teams and brands I’ve contributed in building, whose brands and businesses have been highlighted on the world stage include Centricity INC NYC where our product raised over $2m in seed funds, Alpha Kappa Alpha (Alpha Alpha Omega Omega Chapter), Coresight Research USA, PWC (Physician Weight Control) USA, Virgin Atlantic Cargo Nigeria, Department of Petroleum Resources Nigeria (DPR), Okunoren, Sava Homes, Fade Ogunro

Courtney Michaels Construction UK, Taaooma, Neya KaluRasheda WalkerAdenike Fajerokun, E.A.T.O.W Global UK. Etc. I was also featured on Deborah Weinswig’s report on the Metaverse, and  was the Product Manager for The Alkebulan Tribe Gaming and Comic NFT Project, I recently headlined the HR EXPO Africa as one of the  lead speakers etc.

As the Senior Product Manager at Hark, I support company’s CX (Customer Experience) teams manage their feedbacks, ticketing and request processes, tracking customers sentiments, while allowing users to express their concerns, product challenges and purchase issues through an innovative video reporting, and AI transcribing modal. My aim is to make our product the new way of communicating feedbacks and requests to businesses and brands – For me, it’s the end of the “Form” Era.

I am a member of the prestigious ForbesBLK Community and my activities, products and works have been featured on several publications including Good Morning America, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, TechCabal, Punch, Vanguard, The Guardian, Tribune, Silverbird TV, News Central Africa, The Herald etc.


Skills Gathered

– Over the years, I’ve  been learning and mastering as many skills as I can muster specifically in areas of:

Leadership | Emotional Intelligence | People Management | Excellence in Business Development | Communications and Interpersonal relationship | Financial Account Management | Data Analytics | Resource Management | Negotiations and Project Supervision.

My Favourite Tools/Stack to Use







Amazon Web Service

Google Tools

Microsoft Tools




Monday | Notion | Canva | SQL | Tableau | Looker | Power BI | CorelDRAW | ICQ | Python | Wikipedia Publishing | Trello etc.

How Can I Help?

From setting up your website, to managing your product team, training your management team, developing your tech structure and tech-stack outlook.