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Would you like to feature me on your platform or at your event? I love to share knowledge and engage with as many persons as I can, especially young people who are looking forward to learning tech related skills or just someone to talk to as we are on our discovery path. I have prepared some pictures and my bio that you can use.

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Scott C Eneje is a tech expert with over a decade of experience in the technology space. He has worked with several teams across the globe building products that shape Data, CX and innovative technology. He has helped several businesses bring their ideas to life, with website development, structural set up, product management, team training and advisor supports.

In the last few years, He co-founded the eCommerce Company – Yandi Nigeria and served as the Head of Product for the company’s platform and its CEO. He then moved to full time product management with Centricity INC NYC where their product raised over $2m in seed funds, and was featured on Good Morning America, and Bloomberg. After his time at Centricity, he joined the Coresight Research USA team and set up their technical structure.

He built the Company’s livestream shopping event platform in partnership with FIREWORKS, where they hosted over 20,000 shoppers and global retailers in the first ever US livestream shopping festival in 2021 which was the second of the festival, following the first in 2020 (non-livestream). Coresight hosted the third edition in 2022 which Scott also managed the entire technical process and product. Scott has also serviced a few other entities around Europe, North America, and Nigeria such as Alpha Kappa Alpha (Alpha Alpha Omega Omega Chapter), PWC (Physician Weight Control) USA, Virgin Atlantic Cargo Nigeria, Department of Petroleum Resources Nigeria (DPR), Okunoren, Sava Homes, Fade Ogunro, Courtney Michaels Construction UK, Taaooma, Neya Kalu, Rasheda Walker, Adenike Fajerokun, E.A.T.O.W Global UK. Etc.

He was also featured in Deborah Weinswig reports on the Metaverse, and was the Product manager for Nigeria’s first ever Comic and Game focused NFT project The Alkebulan Tribe Gaming and Comic NFT Project, where he’s also co writing, producing and directing the comic and animated movie. He was headlined in the HR EXPO Africa as a Guest Speaker amongst several experts in the industry.

As the Senior Product Manager at Hark, Scott supports company’s CX (Customer Experience) teams to manage their feedbacks, ticketing and request processes, tracking customers sentiments, while allowing users to express their concerns, product challenges and purchase issues through an innovative video reporting, and AI transcribing modal.

Scott is a member of the prestigious ForbesBLK Community and his stories, activities, products and works have been featured on Good Morning America, BloomBerg, The Wall Street Journal, TechCabal, Punch, Vanguard, The Guardian, Tribune, Silverbird TV, News Central Africa, The Herald etc.

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From setting up your website, to managing your product team, training your management team, developing your tech structure and tech-stack outlook.