I’ve had a lot of people reach out in the last decade with a business idea but struggling to get it to hold water. Let me tell you about Emeka who ran a computer store and wanted to spread his clientele beyond his location but didn’t know where to start. I remember how we looked at his books, his positioning, and his communication and decided we would create a business plan and model that accommodated an eCommerce, single-vendor website. We then created strategic ad plans and target audience to navigate to his website as well as partnering dispatch agencies that would be paid automatically from each order that was placed. We also ensured that the information needed to make swift deliveries was provided to the dispatch through the same platform.
Today, Emeka has a thriving online business separate from his physical business and he’s one of my biggest brags. Let’s do the same for you.

I’m offering, for a limited time only, an offer to set up a business plan and model, build your website, and consult with you for strategies and execution guide, all for $500.

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From setting up your website, to managing your product team, training your management team, developing your tech structure and tech-stack outlook.