I’m Scott and I’ll be your host for Platform 24

Last year, I started a mixer called “THE PLATFORM”.


The objective was to simply have a conversation with random folks and discuss consistency, individual goals and drive a sense of purpose. Personally, I just wanted to sit with people and talk, that meeting led me through a path to want to have more impact, driven by my own sense of purpose. This impacted the restructure of what became The Morpheus Academy and a sense to have a community that served as a support system for growth and drive.


This year, I am hosting Platform 24 and would be hosting 24 people who sign up to attend the event and evaluate objectives, goals, create an accountability process that fits the state of the world we are in and the state of our economy to ensure we have structures in place to thrive as well as a support system to see us do it together.


Sign up today as we have very limited seats. 24, in fact, and I’ll want you to be one of them.


Got Questions? Feel Free to Write Me